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The Traveling Browns

 We spent the majority of our careers working in the great state of Alaska. Upon retiring in 1996, we knew we wanted to find a warmer location to settle. But, we had no idea of where that might be. We decided to “not decide” on a retirement destination. Instead, we bought a motorhome and a car to tow. Our plan was to travel throughout the “lower 48-states” in search of a place to settle.

Our hobby was photography using 35mm cameras. In 1999 we purchased our first digital camera and we were hooked. To stay in touch with family and friends we would send them a weekly email message and include a photo of a highlight of that weeks travel adventures. We named our little blurb “Picture of the Week.”

Over the years we have gone through seven recreational vehicles, numerous cars and digital cameras, and a number of homes in different states. To date we continue to travel and take photos. And, our little blurb has grown to include many photos. We now call it “Pictures of the Week.” It is our small way of sharing and giving back to other folks. We hope you enjoy riding along with us during our travel adventures.

Recent Pictures of the Week

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